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Penguin Skip Published

By Panfurware

Penguin Skip Little penguin Spok likes to jump from one ice floe to another. He doesn’t like splashing into the water that much though. Help Penguin Spok in his journey! Tap anywhere on the right side of the screen to jump to the flow on the right and anywhere on the left to jump left. Don’t fall into the water, as Penguin Spok doesn’t like that at all (it’s a bit strange for a penguin, isn’t it?). From time to time there’s going to be some fish on the ice - collect that for extra points. After each game, depending on your score, you’ll get some pretty cool gifts. Tap on them to unravel and grab some super cool hats and scarfs for the Penguin Spok. There are over 200 combinations of the Spok’s outfits, enjoy finding your most favorite one!


Comments about this game by our active community!

Anthonyf ( Member)
Expert Gamer 11,050
The ice melts... cute haha.

3 months ago

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