2 months has past and per some data shown, SteamDirect has debuted over 1,000 games so far! Did you publish your game yet? Do you know how to? Do you know how much it now costs? Below we will break down SteamWorks/Steam Direct's instructions regarding what you need to get the ball rolling[NOTE: We are not lawyers. Have your attorney look over SteamWorks contract before you sign anything].


If you made apps and or watch faces for Pebble, my condolences. Thankfully you haven't removed your code from my current pebble time but, yeah this is what leaked from Fitbit this week.

Maybe these were already in the pipeline before they acquired Pebble. Maybe the NEXT line of Fitbit devices will be pebble influenced in design and development environment. Wouldn't it be cool if Fitbit cr
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There is no way a PC game developer does not have a twitch account. This is the best way to show your potential users how the product plays, sounds and smells. Seriously. Now Twitch has made it even easier with its own Desktop app so you can have more than one screen up while streaming.
Paying for an elaborate video commercial about your game is customary too but nothing beats actual gam
So Microsoft has become bored with Windows 10 mobile devs but gaga for Windows 10 and Xbox indie devs?

Xbox Live Creators Program
The Xbox Live Creators Program allows developers to quickly and directly publish their games to Xbox One and Windows 10, with a simplified certification process and no concept approval required. If your game integrates Xbox Live and follows our standard Store p
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I fell in and then out of love with "No Man's Sky" rather quickly after finding out they wouldn't make an Xbox version last year. 12 months later and they are now poised for a major update. Are you willing to try them again?


Someone on Reddit(we'll be saying that a lot) shared a website with possible specifications of the soon to be released Samsung Note 8. I'm kinda excited about the Octo-core spec myself. What are you looking forward to?

samsung SM-N950F
Operating System Android 7.1.1
Model samsung SM-N950F
Processor ARMv8 @ 1.69 GHz
1 processor, 8 cores
Processor ID ARM implementer
With Windows being the default OS for most users, you would think being a mobile windows dev was a slam dunk choice... Well, it appears Microsoft is dropping the word "mobile" from their window 10 ventures and adding something called "Andromeda OS". Did you get that memo Windows Dev? Cool... I haven't received that email yet. Technically I haven't received an email from the Windows development si
This article confused me at first...but then I got it! Not only does the operating system on the smartphone count but the specs of the actual devices count too. THAT is why iPhone users have a better overall experience when playing mobile games. I can personally attest to that because my own games play better on a Samsung phone than say a BLU device... Interesting.

Here's the link showing wha

via @evleaks on twitter.

Must be true when the local news picks up on the iPhone 8 excitement too. Evan Blass inadvertently "leaked" how he is usually the first to know how new smartphones are going to look. It appears he stays in contact with phone case manufacturers who are sent mock ups for their phone case testing.

“The entire face of the phone, nearly, is taken up by the
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