panfurware posted 1 day ago at 6:31 am

Game console life cycles have tightened in the last ten years don't you think? With the advent of the common mobile smartphone around 2007(I know), anyone can easily play handheld games and this fact is scaring game console makers.

Becuase of this the mobile king of broken embargoes now has leaked images regarding Microsoft's new "Xbox One X" or otherwise known as "Project Scorpio". Look
panfurware posted 4 days ago at 10:20 pm

Per Cnet the latest Nokia 8 Flagship phone is ready. It's no surprise how beautiful it looks. The surprise is how great the specs are.

There's a 5.3-inch display on the front with a 2,560x1,440 pixel resolution. It's pin-sharp and bright.

5.3 inches is the sweet spot for most displays. Love the resolution though!

There are two camera lenses on the back. One of the cameras s
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