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The Half-Life that never was...

MasterBlasterMasterBlaster Member, Administrator, Keeper of The Peace

Dearest Player,

I hope this letter finds you well. I can hear your complaint already, "Gordon Freeman, we have not heard from you in ages!" Well, if you care to hear excuses, I have plenty, the greatest of them being I've been in other dimensions and whatnot, unable to reach you by the usual means.

This is how the last Episode of Half-Life 2 Chapter 3 supposedly begins. If you remember Half-Life congratulations. It was one of the few First Person Shooters without zombies and apparently one the most beloved by gamers and reviewers. Ironically it's the game that allowed its founders to create the Juggernaut gamer and Indie dev Marketplace eventually named "Steam". Why are we just hearing about this final episode of Half-Life now? Watch the video:

And so we see that sometimes game devs don't always provide new versions to their games. Usually, the reason is that no one played it or not enough users. This case is odd because EVERYONE loved this game. Half-Life and Half-Life 2 won awards because of it's storyline, style, and gameplay. Why did they stop? Contracts? Licenses? Ideas? Maybe now the co-founder of parent company Valve, Gabe Newell will give a reason since this leaked storyline might force his hand. Or maybe he will stay silent and let the last paragraph below be the ending to one of the most anticipated games that will never happen...

And here we are. I spoke of my return to this shore. It has been a circuitous path to lands I once knew, and surprising to see how much the terrain has changed. Enough time has passed that few remember me, or what I was saying when last I spoke, or what precisely we hoped to accomplish. At this point, the resistance will have failed or succeeded, no thanks to me. Old friends have been silenced, or fallen by the wayside. I no longer know or recognize most members of the research team, though I believe the spirit of rebellion still persists. I expect you know better than I the appropriate course of action, and I leave you to it. Expect no further correspondence from me regarding these matters; this is my final episode.

Yours in infinite finality,

Gordon Freeman, Ph.D.


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