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What is a PWA and Why Will it be a Challenge to Adopt?

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Not sure if I worded the title correctly but the more I read the article below the more I kinda cringed. I know that sounds negative but it's not. Cringing can be a protection. It can stop you from doing things that are harmful. Let's backtrack for a sec. What is a PWA?

Progressive Web Apps
Progressive Web Apps bring features we expect from native apps to the mobile browser experience in a way that uses standards-based technologies and run in a secure container accessible to anyone on the web.

Ok. Did we get that? Powerful app features you usually get in a native app that can be applied in a browser or (in my words) mobile web app. Great sounds like Ionic, angular and Cordova already only faster allegedly. I have no issues with that. I have an issue with this:

Why should I care about PWAs?
PWAs bring unique advantages to the table for developers building consumer facing apps. They allow developers to completely skip the app stores and instead simply deploy to a web server. This allows you to get your app out faster and to more people than you would be able to with deploying to the App Store and Google Play. Also, because you are not tied to the app store, this means that updates can be immediately available to everyone using your app, by simply pushing your new code to your web server. And because PWAs run in the browser, your single PWA can then be reached from just a click on a URL, greatly reducing the barrier to entry to your app!

So whoever wrote this article either chose to ignore or are mainly on the corporate side of Dev production and deployment. Why do I say that? They championed the freedom of deploying your apps directly to users without having to (pay) submit your product to the toll keepers Apple and Google. I get that. Send your updates quicker to the users straight from your server. But I'm not sure anyone outside of Corporate America would.

App marketplaces (try to) give consumers one primary thing. Safety. Use us to get your games and apps and we'll almost guarantee that they will run safely and without any major bugs. It's why Steam is still around. Gamers TRUST them. Will users trust a PWA from someone unknown even if it is a great app? "Sorry, I don't download and install apk's..." That's what I was told by one user who was in an XDA Developer's group chat. I was put off a little but said ok. Why did they say that to me? When developers post their new creations they also upload the apk and make it available for download at the end of the post.

Silly me was trying to cut out the post and deliver it straight to the users of that site. Did some download, install and test the game APK for me? Yup! Did the one who refused upset me? Yup! Since it didn't come from the website post directly they didn't trust it. This is how it should be. This is why there are so many mobile viruses announced weekly online. Thousands of users are being infected because they install apps from places that are not Apple or Google. Get it? Now if it's an app from your job that will be used for just your job then sure, click on that link via email and install that app...

That's what made my hair stand up after reading the post. I'm sure you will read something different. Let me know.


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