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  • Super Lumi Live Review

    Super Lumi Live is a colorful 2D platformer for the PC with many unique, challenging levels spread across different worlds. It is one of those games that is easy to learn and difficult to master. The basic controls are simple: you can move left and right, jump and double jump, and speed up. However, despite this simplicity, you’ll need to muster your skill and precision to avoid hazards and make it safely to the end.

    Each level is filled with numerous obstacles and challenges, including traditional 2D platformer elements like moving platforms, bottomless pits, and the terrifying auto-scrolling levels. Super Lumi Live does a good job of keeping things fresh by introducing new elements at a steady pace, such as platforms that disappear when you double jump or enemies that follow you when you’re in range. At certain times, mid-level checkpoints might seem sparse, but they’re generally placed well enough for you to record your progress whenever you complete a particularly difficult section.

    There are also plenty of collectibles to collect in each level, with common ones that can be picked up easily and rare ones that are much trickier to get. These collectibles can be used on the map to open up alternate routes or paths to new levels. Each world also culminates in a more challenging level, which you must clear to move on to the next.

    Of course, the amount of time Super Lumi Live takes to play will depend on how difficult you find each stage—and it ranks you based on your completion time—but with 60 levels and plans for more, collectibles, secrets, and plans for a world editor to be added after launch, it’s definitely a game that should keep you busy for a while. Fans of 2D platformers should find plenty to enjoy in Super Lumi Live.